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Run Around Pets services the 11238 zip code in Brooklyn and we provide dog walking and cat sitting. We are pet owners who share your neighborhood and want to bring honest, reliable, loving care to your loved ones. Like us on Facebook! Refer us and get a free walk! We are bonded and insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Although we are not certified dog trainers (yet), consistent walking is a form of basic training. Especially with our 5 day/week clients we have seen dramatic behavior improvements. We fit the walks into a 2 hour time frame and we try our best to walk the dogs at the same time, with the same person and group of dogs. While we are building consistency in their lives we also are building relationships with them (I have walked my oldest client's dog for 4 years and been with them through their marriage, newborn and three moves). We have helped people house train, socialize, and decrease aggression and negative behaviors (exercise always helps too). In the case of aggression, it can sometimes be the result of low self confidence. Being around confident dogs and building strong relationships with people who are not their owners helps tremendously. As Cesar Millan says, "A tired dog is a good dog."

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  • $13/half hour walk for 5 walks/week save $10!
  • $15/half hour walk
  • Cat sitting $20/half hour visit